Software Composition Analysis – SCA

Enhanced Security and Compliance


Unlocking Code Insights: Streamlining Software Composition Analysis

Our automated solution streamlines the identification and remediation of vulnerabilities within your ever-changing open-source libraries. This proactive approach effectively minimizes the risks associated with third-party code. Furthermore, it automates the management of open-source vulnerabilities that can impact regulatory compliance.

This ensures your organization stays ahead of potential penalties and maintains license compliance for all utilized code. 

Solution Highlights

Scan dependencies for known vulnerabilities using databases like the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) or commercial vulnerability databases.

Analyze licenses associated with each dependency to ensure compliance with licensing terms and obligations. 

Keep track of the versions of dependencies used and monitor for updates or patches that address security vulnerabilities or licensing issues. 

Assess the risk associated with each dependency based on factors like the severity of known vulnerabilities, license compatibility, and the criticality of the component to the application. 

Our risk prioritization framework helps you focus on the most critical issues. It analyzes identified vulnerabilities and licensing concerns based on their severity, potential impact on your application, and the likelihood of exploitation. This allows you to strategically address high-risk threats first, ensuring your software remains secure and compliant. 

Why Choose our SCA?

Identify, address, and prevent critical security flaws.

Full 3rd party Code Coverage


Identify Vulnerabilities


Fix and Address Vulnerabilities


Easy to Integrate


Secure code throughout Development

Get Ahead of Threats

Don’t wait for threats to become breaches. Stay proactive with our SCA platform and take your application security to the next level.

Key Features

Continuous Scans

Continuously scan applications and identify new vulnerabilities.

Production Safety

Guarantees code safety without performance impact.

Actionable Results

Provides verified, actionable results with minimal false positives.

Flexible Reporting

Enterprise-class reporting with flexible report formats offers.

Open API Integration

Easy integration with popular bug-tracking systems and WAFs


Supports compliances such as PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25.

BISO Cyber Analytics has transformed our security posture. Its advanced analytics have saved us from multiple threats.
Paul Allen
CISO - A Leading Software Development Firm
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