Mirage Cloak – Deception Technology

Detect, deceive, and neutralize threats ahead of time using Mirage Cloak.


Deceive and Defend

Mirage Cloak offers various deception methods to detect and stop threats before they cause damage. These methods include adding decoys to the network, deploying breadcrumbs on current enterprise assets, using baits as tripwires on endpoints, and setting up lures with intentionally misconfigured or vulnerable services or applications. The flexible framework also lets customers add new deception methods as needed.

Solution Highlights

Deception Technology

Mirage Cloak’s main goal is to attract attackers and make them reveal their presence and methods. The main components are:

  • Fake Assets or Decoy traps
  • AI-Powered Proactive Defense System
  • Detection Mechanisms
  • Early Warning System
  • Reduction of False Positives

Mirage Cloak tricks adversaries into thinking they’ve found valuable data and assets. However, in reality, they’ve fallen into a trap, alerting your cyber defenders.

  • Automatically setting up real-looking deception layers
  • Accurate alerts that reduce false alarms
  • Active analysis in a secure sandbox environment
  • Ensuring business operations continue smoothly

Turn adversaries into targets

Integration with Security Ecosystem

Mirage Cloak seamlessly works with various security tools like

  • SOAR,
  • SIEM,
  • EDR,
  • AD,
  • Network Management Solutions,
  • Email Servers and more,
  • Legacy systems and End of life/support systems,
  • IoT assets and tailor made devices.

It uses these integrations to discover networks, collect forensic data from endpoints, deploy breadcrumbs and baits on network assets, and automate responses.

Start your initial deception campaign by using pre-made decoys. Instead of spending countless days setting up a new solution, concentrate on identifying threats


Simple Implementation

Detects Threats Before They Strike

  • Our AI-powered proactive defense system identifies potential threats in real time, giving you the upper hand in protecting your network and assets.
  • By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, our system reduces false positives, allowing your security team to focus on genuine threats and respond effectively.
  • With machine learning capabilities, our defense system continuously learns and evolves, adapting to new attack vectors and staying ahead of cyber threats.
  • Simplify compliance management with pre-built reporting templates. Generate audit-ready reports for regulatory requirements.
  • Gain actionable insights from pre-built event reporting templates.
  • Create personalized visualizations, monitor key metrics, and gain real-time visibility into security posture, enabling quick decision-making and effective risk management.
  • Retain historical data, perform log correlation, and ensure data integrity to support forensic investigations and regulatory requirements.

Data-Driven Security Insights

Why Choose Mirage Cloak?

Uncover Threats Before They Strike

Simple Implementation


Low False Positives


Easy Of Use


Out Of The Box Integrations

Get Ahead of Threats

Don’t wait for threats to become breaches. Stay proactive with Mirage Cloak and take your proactive security strategy to the next level.

Key Features

Real-Time Dashboard
Network Map
Detect Attackers in Recon Phase
Custom Honeypots
Detect Lateral Movement
Reduce detection time for attacks in internal network
Increase cost of attack for an attacker
Budget friendly and tailored
BISO Cyber Analytics has transformed our security posture. Its advanced analytics have saved us from multiple threats.
Paul Allen
CISO - A Leading Software Development Firm
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