Dynamic Application Security Testing – DAST

Defend your web applications with proactive security


Full External Attack Surface Management for DevSecOps and Application Security Teams

Reduce the risk of expensive data breaches or malicious hacks by using dynamic analysis. Our DAST technology allows you to scan applications securely for vulnerabilities while they’re in the production environment.

By integrating our automated DAST during any development phase, you can tackle complex applications, evaluate risks, and handle vulnerabilities before your applications go live on the internet.

Solution Highlights


Integrate security automation across your SDLC.

  • Automate security responsibilities to save your team significant time every month.
  • Focus on identifying the critical vulnerabilities and effortlessly allocate them for fixing.
  • This assists both security and development teams in staying ahead of their workloads.
  • Locate all your web assets, including those that may have been misplaced, overlooked, or forgotten.
  • Our dynamic scanning method thoroughly examines areas of your applications that other tools might overlook.
  • Stay informed about the progress of your remediation tasks using our DAST or by seamlessly integrating with your issue tracking and ticketing software.

View the full context of your app's security.


Identify the weaknesses that other tools overlook.

  • Discover vulnerabilities more effectively using our one-of-a-kind dynamic scanning method.
  • Ensure that no vulnerability slips through undetected by utilizing a blend of signature-based and behaviour-based testing.
  • Identify vulnerabilities rapidly with thorough scanning that maintains both speed and accuracy.
  • Incorporate our DAST into the tools and workflows your developers use regularly to instill a culture of security within your organization.
  • Provide developers with actionable feedback that guides them in creating more secure code, ultimately reducing the workload for your security team.
  • Avoid delays by implementing continuous scanning that proactively prevents risks from being introduced in the initial stages.

Reduce vulnerabilities by writing code that is more secure.

Why Choose our DAST?

Identify, address, and prevent critical security flaws.

Discover & Crawl


Identify Vulnerabilities


Fix and Address Vulnerabilities


Easy to Integrate


Continuously Protect Web Apps

Get Ahead of Threats

Don’t wait for threats to become breaches. Stay proactive with our DAST platform and take your application security to the next level.

Key Features

Continuous Scans

Constantly monitors web applications and alerts for new vulnerabilities.

Production Safety

Guarantees web apps safety without performance impact

Actionable Results

Provides verified, actionable results with minimal false positives.

Concurrent Scans

Capable of handling over 100 websites concurrently without delays.

Flexible Reporting

Enterprise-class reporting with flexible report formats offers.

Open API Integration

Easy integration with popular bug-tracking systems and WAFs

In-Depth Scanning

Uncovers vulnerabilities missed by traditional scanning tools.


Supports compliances such as PCI DSS, OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25.

BISO Cyber Analytics has transformed our security posture. Its advanced analytics have saved us from multiple threats.
Paul Allen
CISO - A Leading Software Development Firm
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